These short snippets  are aimed to either help you to complete a task or entertain and teach you about what we do and what Pops Garage is all about.

Spanners taking you though different types of ECU (OBD2) readers

Tonto takes you though changing a set of brake shoes.

Tonto takes you though changing a set of indicators on a motor bike

Tonto takes you though changing a wheel stud on a Ford Focus using a ten ton Press

Welly takes her CBT with BCMT watch how she gets on

Spanners and Tonto go though some of the basic checks that need to be carried out on your bike to check it good to ride

Tonto does a review of a 2018 Citroen C4 Picasso

We uncreate a Bultaco Motorbike that has been boxed for the last 39 years

Tonto and spanner look back at how it all started with Pops Garage

Tonto fits a basic security Alarm system to a Honda Vision.

Tonto now is looking at updating the look of a 2002 Honda Pan European by fitting Switchbacks and Ice Blue dash bulbs.

Tonto shows how to use a chain Monkey to adjust the chain on the YZF making life easy.

Tonto shows us how to remove and refit the panniers on the Honda ST1100 pan European

Tonto talks to us about his 1935 Reliant pick up truck.

Tonto in this video shows us how to find the cause of a power loss on the Pan and how to do the Red Wire Bypass

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Jan 2021


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